Strategic Land

The approach that seamlessly delivers

Our very strong, committed land-sourcing capability is run by experienced professionals who are well respected across the North West of England for their expertise.

You will always have the reassurance that we secure commercial interests on land before we come to you, so we only bring forward sites to you that are deliverable and developable.

Our in-depth knowledge of the area and of our partners’ needs, combined with our commercial acumen and our dedication to operating in the very best way for registered providers means we work largely on off-market deals. We call our fair-minded approach ‘Package +’.

No risk, no slippage

• If you have specific requirements, let us know and we can quickly source suitable land and work with you to agree design and build package deals
• We will do all the necessary due diligence to check the suitability of the site and secure a planning consent
• We will use our procurement expertise to offer the best price
• We deliver packages of land with all documentation and build contracts for fully adaptable schemes that allow for different tenure mixes
• Slippage is a risk we understand, mitigate and eliminate.

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Do you have land available?

We’re actively searching for land in the North West of England. If you have land that you’d like to discuss with us, please call our Lane End team on 01925 873 620.

A better way of doing business

We bring the same high standards to our business relationships with landowners, local authorities and land professionals, all of whom can be assured of our reliability, and our commitment to working effectively and with integrity.

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