Development: the partnership difference

When you come to the table with the Lane End Group, you can rest assured that any site we bring to you is already secured and, should the scheme be HCA grant funded, that it is HCA compliant.

You will know, too, that it meets the requisite standards whatever the required tenure mix. We confidently commit to creating the development you are looking for in every aspect, including being in the right geographical area for the type of site.

By your side from start to finish

We are open about the way we put our sites together, and will work honestly and collaboratively with you every step of the way. We will also bring a ‘can do’ attitude – for example, we are not fazed by complex legal issues and are very comfortable dealing with all planning matters.

A dynamic response for registered providers

Our package solutions offer an alternative to a framework and help us be highly responsive to your changing programme needs. They also give you more traction – we can keep the process moving forward and minimise delays. We can also offer you a shared sales approach.

Creating a sense of place…

Like you, this is ultimately what we want the end result to be – building successful, mixed and balanced communities with a sense of place; putting thought, energy and resourcefulness into creating somewhere people want to live.

The difference is Package +

Package + is the foundation on which our work is built. We have refined and fine-tuned our methods to give registered providers peace of mind on all aspects of our different tenured schemes, to work proactively with HCA guidance where appropriate and ultimately to bring to life new communities. Read more about what our Package + process offers you.