What We Do

Our values; your peace of mind

At the Lane End Group, our ethos is built around openness, integrity and responsiveness – it’s absolutely integral to who we are as a business.

A sure, safe and secure choice

Our ‘one stop’ solutions give you a totally seamless service, from sourcing land to handing over a development, and beyond. Our commitment to delivering what we promise gives you peace of mind throughout.

Always offering solutions (not passing back problems)

Our unwavering commitment to the best service means thinking outside the box rather than just ‘doing a job’. Our knowledge enables us to do this. It has many tangible benefits, for example, the anticipation of potential issues is built in to our planning – which can save time, money and avoidable delays. We have extensive experience of challenging sites, opening up new opportunities for you that some other developers might shy away from.

Facing issues together

Our registered provider partners know they can also talk to us to help them deal with issues that have arisen through other parties, with every confidence that we will work our hardest to find a solution.
Our complete solution gives you all this:

Strategic land procurement
Development – with the distinctive Package + approach
Construction – from foundations to handover and beyond

The Lane End Group standards – a step above the regulations
We have shown on many projects how we go the extra mile in the support we provide. To discuss how we can source and deliver a site without putting you in a position where you have slippage, call Managing Director Richard Harrison on 01925 873 620.