Meet the Team

Meet the team – building through knowledge and expertise

We are very proud of the excellent relationships we build and maintain with registered providers. When you work with us, you can look forward to the reassurance of having a committed, knowledgeable, ethical partner in your corner, constantly striving to create the best package deal.

Our Group is led by a highly experienced management team of construction and property professionals, each bringing their own in-depth expertise. What also marks them out is their unquestionable commitment to an ethical, open approach and a belief in working through partnership. It means you have complete reassurance of high standards right through to the finished build.

What you can expect from a partnership with us:

• Direct contact with decision-makers who understand what you need
• A flexible, proactive and reactive service
• Communication and support throughout.

Rob Williams, Managing Surveyor

Rob Williams
Managing Surveyor

Phil Armitage, Managing Surveyor

Phil Armitage
Managing Surveyor

John Osborne, Senior Quantity Surveyor

John Osborne
Senior Quantity Surveyor

Mark Hill, Senior Quantity Surveyor

Mark Hill
Senior Quantity Surveyor

Steve Walsh, Senior Quantity Surveyor

Steve Walsh
Senior Quantity Surveyor

Stephen Latham, Senior Quantity Surveyor

Stephen Latham
Senior Quantity Surveyor

Gareth Mayers, Head of SHEQ

Gareth Mayers
Head of SHEQ

Nadine Hemming, Document Controller

Nadine Hemming
Document Controller

Emma Jenrick, Quantity Surveyor

Emma Jenrick
Quantity Surveyor

Daniel Mannering, Quantity Surveyor

Daniel Mannering
Quantity Surveyor

Dean Greenhough, Quantity Surveyor

Dean Greenhough
Quantity Surveyor

Aaron Gallagher, Quantity Surveyor

Aaron Gallagher
Quantity Surveyor

Ric Cancelliere, Quantity Surveyor

Ric Cancelliere
Quantity Surveyor

Dewi Roberts, Senior Planner

Dewi Roberts
Senior Planner

Peter Lunnes, Senior Design Manager

Peter Lunnes
Senior Design Manager

David Suthers, Project Manager

David Suthers
Project Manager

Glyn Williams, Projects Manager

Glyn Williams
Projects Manager

Daniel Gaughan, Project Manager

Daniel Gaughan
Project Manager

Rob Clarke

Rob Clarke
Project Manager

David Smith, Senior Site Manager

David Smith
Senior Site Manager

Kev Davies, Senior Site Manager

Kev Davies
Senior Site Manager

Stuart Conway, Site Manager

Stuart Conway
Site Manager

Owen Clarke, Site Manager

Owen Clarke
Site Manager

Gareth Disley, Site Manager

Gareth Disley
Site Manager

Karl Benyon
Site Manager

 Chris Barry, Site Manager

Chris Barry
Site Manager

Jonathan Cullen, Site Manager

Jonathan Cullen
Site Manager

David Parkes, Site Manager

David Parkes
Site Manager

Martin Potts, Site Manager

Martin Potts
Site Manager

Katie Kay, Site Manager

Katie Kay
Site Manager

Peter Costello, Site Manager

Peter Costello
Site Manager

Thomas Agnew, Site Manager

Thomas Agnew
Site Manager

Dale Gibson, Site Coordinator

Dale Gibson
Site Coordinator

Colin Grugel, Site Engineer

Colin Grugel
Site Engineer

Glen Harding, General Foreman

Glen Harding
General Foreman

John Chapman, General Foreman

John Chapman
General Foreman

Gemma Bostock, Office Manager

Gemma Bostock
Office Manager

Elizabeth Sinclair

Elizabeth Sinclair
Health & Safety Consultant

Emily Holloway, Accounts Clerk

Emily Holloway
Accounts Clerk

Claire Stanley, Receptionist

Claire Stanley