About Simon Haworth, Community Champion

As well as heading up our work within the communities in which we build, Simon is also being sponsored by Lane End New Beginnings as he pursues his dream to become a professional boxer.

Simon is someone who truly walks his talk – he has turned his life around through his own determination and hard work.

The path he chose in his 20s after he was discharged from the army lead to him making some wrong choices – and saw him spend time in prison. Eventually, he hit rock bottom in his life yet ironically, reaching that place of being totally alone made him feel free for the first time. He used that freedom to embark on a different path.

“Being lost taught me many lessons and I’m so grateful for the second chance I have…Now I am not just a guy who wants to help, I am a guy who knows how to help and I’m keen to share my positive approach with the youth of today. My message is clear: There is always hope, apply yourself to your chosen field, learn from every experience, never give up and you too can change your lives for the better.”

As our Community Champion, Simon works on the wide range of projects with which we’re asked to help. He also sets up boxing bootcamps, and provides mentoring services, in particular for young people and ex-offenders.

Furthermore, currently undefeated and the Cheshire Super Middleweight White Collar Boxing Champion, Simon is set to make his Professional debut in September.